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With record-level rates of immigration expected on top of an existing housing supply deficit, it’s critical that the GTA makes more and varied types of housing available to its new residents. On this episode of the Ready to Real Estate podcast, City of Toronto Chief Planner and Executive Director Gregg Lintern met with host and TRREB Chief Market Analyst Jason Mercer to discuss initiatives implemented by City Council that allow for expanding the number and types of housing in Toronto.

Ready to Real Estate podcast host and TRREB Chief Market Analyst Jason Mercer acts as moderator in this housing policy debate between two candidates in the upcoming Ontario election. Abhijeet Manay, Green Party candidate for Beaches–East York, and Lisa Patel, Liberal Party candidate for Scarborough–Southwest, discuss their parties’ approach to housing affordability, increasing supply, the missing middle, exclusionary zoning, real estate transactions, and more.

With vested interest, economists, lenders, and mortgage holders are all watching the Bank of Canada’s recent decision to stave off inflation by increasing its policy interest rates – twice in the past year. In this episode, with more potential rate hikes on the horizon, Ready to Real Estate podcast host and TRREB Chief Market Analyst Jason Mercer meets with Rob McLister, mortgage columnist at the Globe and Mail and editor of, to discuss the impact on borrowing heading into the next year.

Since COVID-19 pandemic-related lockdowns hit in March 2020, GTA residents continue to spend more time than ever in their homes. Increased time at home has also meant an increase in home renovations. Lou Orazem, Chair of the Building Industry and Land Development Association’s Renovator Executive Committee and Principal of Inspire Homes, joins Ready to Real Estate host Jason Mercer in this episode to discuss changing trends in home renovations, available incentives to homeowners looking to make improvements, and how to find the right contractor.


The ill effects of climate change threaten to impact our entire way of life, and that includes our ability to protect our real estate investments. This is why it’s imperative for homeowners to reduce their homes’ impacts on climate change and make them more resilient to climate change-related disasters, such as fires and flooding. To discuss climate change, on this episode of the Ready to Real Estate podcast, Managing Director of the Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction Glenn McGillivray and Vice-President of Federal Affairs at the Insurance Bureau of Canada Craig Stewart join TRREB Chief Market Analyst Jason Mercer.

In an ideal world, real estate transactions would be cut and dried. But as REALTORS® know, this is seldom the case – and that’s where real estate lawyers come in. On this recent episode of the Ready to Real Estate podcast, Mark Weisleder, a Senior Partner and Notary Public at Real Estate LLP, joins TRREB Chief Market Analyst Jason Mercer to walk through several real estate scenarios, and what legal obligations the buyer, seller, and REALTOR® must watch out for in each.

Disclaimer: The information discussed in this podcast is not intended as legal advice nor reflective of TRREB’s views. Always seek the counsel of a legal professional when conducting a real estate transaction.

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted every aspect of the real estate market in the GTA, and the rental market is no exception. On this recent episode of the Ready to Real Estate podcast, CMHC Senior Specialist Dana Senagama meets with TRREB Chief Market Analyst Jason Mercer to examine trends in the GTA rental market brought on by the pandemic – including purpose-built versus condo rental units and a higher-than-usual vacancy rate – as observed in CMHC’s February 2022 Rental Market Report.

Two years into a global pandemic that permanently disrupted the office work landscape, what does the “new normal” mean for employers and their employees who might not be returning to in-person work full-time, if at all? Joining Ready to Real Estate host Jason Mercer to discuss the findings in TRREB’s joint report, Navigating the New Normal, are John Wright, Executive Vice-President of Maru Public Opinion, and Craig Ruttan, the Policy Director of Energy, Environment, and Land Use at the Toronto Regional Board of Trade.

The headlines and pundits continue to talk about real estate – but how does the average GTA consumer feel about it? TRREB’s Chief Market Analyst Jason Mercer met with Ipsos Public Affairs Senior Vice President Sean Simpson to pore over revealing consumer data that shows what is of chief concern to home buyers, sellers, and investors in early 2022.

What does the landscape for new homes in the GTA look like at the start of 2022 after two years of a disruptive pandemic? TRREB’s Chief Market Analyst Jason Mercer met with Altus Group VP and Chief Economist Peter Norman to discuss the need for new housing projects, including single-family, condominium, and the ever-elusive “missing middle” developments, plus the challenges and opportunities for each.

REALTORS®, sharpen your pencils. Real estate accounting specialist Cherry Chan joined TRREB’s Jason Mercer in this episode of Ready to Real Estate to share tax tips, including deductions you might miss, whether or not to establish your own Personal Real Estate Corporation (PREC), and special considerations to take around your true home office: your car.

Disclaimer: TRREB does not provide tax or financial advice. Consult an accountant and/or lawyer when applying any financial advice heard in this episode to your own business.

TRREB’s Chief Market Analyst Jason Mercer hosts this special holiday episode on charitable giving that includes a look back at how our Members strove to make a difference in the communities they serve. You’ll hear from volunteers at Feed the Need, Habitat for Humanity, and the Toronto Foundation for Student Success on how TRREB Member REALTOR® contributions help these vital programs continue to deliver to their communities and make a big impact on the lives of people across the Greater Toronto Area.

The new year is often a time to inspire reflection, but turning resolutions into real, permanent life changes can be tough. TRREB’s Jason Mercer talked with success consultant and bestselling author Nana Jokura about building personal and professional successes for REALTORS® – and how doing both doesn’t have to be mutually exclusive. Listen to the episode to get inspired on how to set ambitious yet achievable goals for your life and business.

Housing prices have risen across Canada, but none more so than in Toronto and Vancouver, ranked among some of the most unaffordable cities to live in the world. TRREB’s Chief Market Analyst Jason Mercer met with researchers David Amborski and Frank Clayton from the Ryerson University Centre for Urban Research, who reviewed the Canada-British Columbia Expert Panel on the Future of Housing Supply and Affordability and examined its findings through a Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area lens. They found a land-use planning system largely unresponsive to increasing demand in housing as well as some suggestions on how to fix it.

With a year and a half into a global pandemic that disrupted the business world as we know it, Ray Wong, VP Data Operations, Altus Group, talks with Host Jason Mercer about what a return to work might look like – and what it means for commercial real estate. Examining business, retail, logistics, and multi-residential sectors, Ray shares data and trends for what commercial real estate might look like in the next 18 months and beyond.

Transit-oriented communities (TOCs) are a human-first answer to the systemic housing supply crunch in the GTA. Ontario’s Associate Minister of Transportation – and former REALTOR® – Stan Cho met with TRREB President Kevin Crigger and Chief Market Analyst Jason Mercer to discuss how he’s working across all levels of government to encourage the development of livable neighbourhoods for the entire Golden Horseshoe.

Discover the inspiring story of one woman - empowering others to build wealth through real estate. Tahani Aburaneh, Canada’s Leading Female Real Estate Investing Expert, best-selling author, and wealth coach, shares strategies on getting started. Note: the views and opinions of the guest on this episode do not necessarily reflect those of TRREB. 

Supercharge your social media posts by sharing content that connects with your audience. Chelsea Peitz, real estate social media strategist and best-selling author, joins TRREB’s Chief Market Analyst Jason Mercer to talk about taking advantage of algorithms and how you can make the most out of them for your business.

Three housing positions you need to hear before you vote in the Federal Election on September 20. Find out how the Liberals, New Democrats and the Greens plan to help GTA residents find housing that meets their needs. Tune in to hear where they stand on blind bidding, foreign investment, boosting supply and more. Candidates from the Conservative Party and People’s Party of Canada were confirmed, but were unable to attend due to last minute conflicts.

Curious about how the market is shaping up as we move towards the end of the year?

TRREB’s Chief Market Analyst Jason Mercer talks to TRREB President Kevin Crigger on how policymakers can unlock the roadblocks to bring more homes online.

Five real estate professionals talk about discrimination against renters, witnessing unfair treatment in the market, and why speaking up matters. TRREB President Lisa Patel leads a conversation on how we can create positive change across our industry.

Intuition is more than a feeling – it plays a big role in sensing danger. TRREB President Lisa Patel and Women in Real Task Force Members Ricky Rathore, Rayissa Palmer and Jasmine Lee share steps they take to stay safe as real estate professionals. Whether it’s online or physical safety, hear real stories on how being mindful of your surroundings and treating every situation with caution is key to protecting yourself and your clients.

Gifting to the next generation has become a primary driver in the real estate market. RBC’s Vice President, Investment and Wealth Advisor, Dian Chaaban and Mortgage Professionals Canada Director of Government Relations, J.P. Boutros, talk about the impact of generational wealth transfer on the market. Learn how early inheritance is changing how first-time buyers are cascading into the homeownership world.

Note: the views of the guests on this episode do not reflect their employers or TRREB. 

Build momentum with your marketing. Don’t know where to start? Or if your marketing strategy is working? Hear from Marketing Strategist David Greenspan on what it means to “farm a neighbourhood” and how it goes beyond emails, newsletters, and social media posts. Plus, learn how to send out the right messages to the right audiences, and why consistency is key to kick-starting your marketing targets and goals.

Discover real-world techniques on how to interpret body language effectively so you can immediately bolster your professional brand. Pamela Barnum, former undercover police officer and body language expert, joins TRREB President Lisa Patel to talk about the three Ds that will help you build trust, negotiate better deals and close more sales.

A motorcycle ride turned into an extraordinary fundraising journey for one family - raising over $700,000 combined for SickKids Hospital and the Children’s Miracle Network. Wasaga Beach REALTOR® Bruce Johnson joins TRREB President and host, Lisa Patel to share his inspiring story that began with the tragic loss of his daughter Alyssa and became the motivation to make a difference in hundreds of children’s lives. And, discover why he thinks real estate professionals give back on a level that no other industry does.

The Beaches-East York neighbourhood is built-up with semi and detached homes, but there’s an opportunity to expand the types of housing in these areas. TRREB’s Chief Market Analyst and podcast host Jason Mercer interviews Toronto City Councillor Brad Bradford about how he’s breaking through zoning policies to turn the missing middle into a reality with a transformative pilot project.


The passion to lead and the will to challenge is what drives these five incredible women. We’re tapping into the inspiring stories of past female TRREB Presidents. Hear how these trailblazers steered the board, dealt with tough issues and helped open doors for other women to follow. TRREB President Lisa Patel leads a powerful discussion on ways we can cultivate meaningful change in the real estate industry that allows more women to bring their perspectives to boards, not only today but for future generations.
Growing mortgage deferrals took headlines by storm. TRREB’s Chief Market Analyst and podcast host, Jason Mercer sits down with Mortgage Professional Canada President & CEO Paul Taylor to unpack the tale of the mortgage deferral cliff, the restored confidence by homeowners carrying a mortgage, and where mortgage rates may be headed.
The demand for housing in the city is growing faster than the number of houses up for sale. But, there’s an opportunity to diversify the housing types available to increase housing supply. In a fast and focused conversation challenging policymakers to effect real change, Michele Trocme and Joe Berridge from Urban Strategies join TRREB’s Chief Market Analyst and podcast host, Jason Mercer to share how the missing middle can transform urban areas across the GTA.
The dream of homeownership is stronger than ever with a majority of new homeowners admitting they purchased their home sooner than expected. TRREB’s Chief Market Analyst and podcast host, Jason Mercer and Ipsos Vice President Sean Simpson talk about the strength of the market and the latest consumer sentiments of buying, selling and renting this year.
What a way to close out Black History Month and to keep the conversation going for the remainder of 2021. This is one conversation you want to listen to. TRREB President Lisa Patel sat down with five black Realtor Members of TRREB’s Diversity & Inclusion Task Force: Charlene Williams, Ingrid Rojas, Mark Steele, Colin Campbell & Soroya Dempsey; TRREB Member Sheena Thompson, founder of the Black Realtors Association Facebook Group; and Von Palmer, TRREB’s Chief Govt Affairs & Comms Officer. All of them have two things in common; black ancestry and ambassadors for the real estate industry. Have a listen as they discuss the state of diversity in the GTA real estate industry, their experiences and perspectives.
The GTA real estate market experienced a record rebound after a steep drop in activity due to the pandemic. Listen in as TRREB’s Chief Market Analyst and podcast host, Jason Mercer talks with TRREB President Lisa Patel about the unprecedented year in the housing market, why the demand for condos is up, and how guiding clients virtually is now the new reality in the industry.
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This is part one of the REALTOR® QUEST podcast sessions. These sessions were recorded live at the conference and feature guests Joe Berridge on city building and urban planning, Marc Saltzman on technology in real estate and Carl Carter Jr. on Realtor® safety. DISCLAIMER: The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in these podcasts belong solely to the participants, and not that of the Toronto Real Estate Board.
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